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update. [06 Sep 2006|10:54am]
i keep overdrafting my bank account without even using it.
i like berry gatorade.
my boyfriend is a gentleman and a scholar, and i love him dearly. :)
i've developed nasty addictions to the following: german chocolate, anthropologie dresses, dunkin' donuts, flavor of love, chicken strips from friendly's, roseanne, and finding $100 bills on the floor at the mall.

it's fall now (not technically, but in terms of weather) and i'm so happy about it.
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[17 Aug 2006|09:44am]
last night i dreamt mostly of my boyfriend, but those dreams were interrupted by other dreams that involved my borrowing a prostitute's lipstick?
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carved in cursive with a table fork. [05 Aug 2006|01:42pm]
i have neglected you but i haven't gone far.

so far this summer i've been reading and being in love, both of which i enjoy (one more than the other :), and working which i do not enjoy but am obligated to do. i'm waiting for a management position to open up and then i'll be a real high-roller. who said CVS didn't have career opportunities? i kid.

i will be moving to boston very soon if i have to give up submission fees and butterscotch sundaes for the whole remaining 6 months. if you live in the area, feel free to drop me a line and we will have tea and maybe an invitation to my housewarming party (because there will be one?) can be extended. it's tempting, don't deny it!

my pentax is dead. the film advance does not move, the shutter doesn't move, and it breaks my heart. does anyone wanna buy it so i have the money to buy a new one?
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[26 Jun 2006|12:10pm]
"if big girls don't play with barbies, what do they DO with their time?!" - myself, age four.
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[05 Jun 2006|02:49am]
when i was younger, i constantly confused the words "parisian" and "partisan."

this is what i do when i should be getting ready for work. [27 May 2006|01:09pm]
i write about summer in the winter and winter in the summer. i don't get the full scope of the past season until i'm into the next.

boston soon, july 21st-25th respectively. i've only got about a million things to do before then, and all i want to do is lay in bed or poke at my writing to see if i can get it to learn a new trick. i'm very happy that i'm going. it's got potential to be a "home" for me in another eight months or so, but i'm not gonna jinx it.

inspiration woke me out of a sound sleep this morning and i've been reeling ever since. there's so much that i'm excited to accomplish and so little time to balance it all out, even though i have a questionable social life and only a part-time job. too much energy or none at all. i think i'm just gonna start with buying a sewing machine and a new camera. i'll see where it goes from there.

white collar. [12 May 2006|03:00pm]
i've been whoring out my housewife capabilities for money. so let me know if there's anything you need swept up, sir.
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i don't believe you. [12 May 2006|01:29am]

the wind is shaking the bed and knockin' down trees from here uptown where my brother sits and waits for the end of the day. some kid's been pushing him down and biting at his hands (neighborhood's full of these damn children!) anyway, the power's out and if the food downstairs spoils we're gonna throw it in the lake or cook it on the rooftop in july when the temperature hits its expected 110 degrees. the gusts are uncoordinated and keep jumpin' through the window just to knock around the garbage bag i'd leaned up against it. i can either tie it up and throw it out or sit here and dig nail polish off of my fingers. i chose to sleep instead, naked and buried deep with the cold breeze only touching my face.

i'm not much of a journalizer and you're not much of an audience.

hell. [08 May 2006|04:49pm]

[27 Apr 2006|04:55pm]
anna made me do it.

it's possible that i might be writing again and if it works out okay i will definitely be in a better mood than i am now. if it doesn't, i will eat my own foot.

i'm compiling a list of northeastern cities that i should research and possibly visit as a part of the plan for "the big move" (coming to a jewnose potentially near you in early 2007) so if you have any suggestions, lay 'em on me.

some kid slammed a car into a house in the city and they had to demolish the whole damn thing. who was i talking to when i told them that, at least in new york, we don't have natural disasters that destroy your entire home? i guess we just have unnatural ones. send him to judge judy.
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"it is what we do to whores in my country!" [23 Apr 2006|08:49pm]
today some woman at work spent $345 on random shit, mostly easter clearance mark-downs and laundry soap, and i had to escort her and her two carts full to her minivan and help her unload it all. she started huffing and puffing and bitching about her asthma, and as a remedy for the awkward silence, i said "i had asthma as a kid." she turned to me and said "OH??? DID YOU HAVE CANCER, TOO?? THAT MAKES IT SO MUCH WORSE YOU KNOW!" all right, you win.

tomorrow i have to go back and sell more habbo hotel cards to overweight misfits and remind the prim ladies of their super coupon savings. i've had about enough.

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